Four Tips to Improve Relationships with Your Customers


Tip #1 ~ Use live chat 24 hours a day

Before your customers become customers, and forever thereafter, they need a way to contact you that is convenient and effective. Live chat is the perfect solution to almost every problem, question, and concern. The great thing about live chat is that it is live! There is no need to wait for someone to…

Tip #2 ~ Immediately offer new customers something valuable for free

Most of the time, you can figure out a way to get the customer what they want while getting what you want at the same time. Let’s take, for example, social media. Your customer has just signed up. You call her to thank her and answer any questions she might have. Then you say, I would like to promote you on Facebook/Google +/Twitter. Is there anything specific that you would like…

Tip #3 ~ Ask for Referrals

If you never ask, you’ll never get any referrals. But if you ask, you might be pleasantly surprised. Seven years ago I did a little experiment for Trust Guard, the leader in website security. For three weeks, all I did was call their new customers and make sure that they were able to get their sales-increasing trust seals uploaded onto their sites. Then I…

Tip #4 ~ Give Discounts for Add-ons & Upgrades

Once a customer becomes a customer, the goal is to get them to stay a customer for as long as possible. But that’s only a third of the goal. Next, we want them to be loyally ecstatic about being our customer – that way they will tell all their friends and family how awesome we are! Third, we want to…

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Your Customers Should Love How You Solve Problems

People are looking to buy things easily and resolve issues even more easily. Here are some tips about giving online visitors the chance to buy and receive your products effortlessly.


Shipping Clarity

Free shipping is the best shipping policy, but if offering free shipping is not an option, it’s critical to at least make shipping policies known to your customers before they reach the checkout process. No one wants to be surprised by a last-minute, unexpected shipping charge. It’s a good idea to highlight your shipping policies prominently on your website. This way, users understand the process before they reach the checkout page. Providing shipping insurance for customers is one way to go above and beyond for them.

Returns + Refunds

When shopping online, the need for a generous return policy is even greater than when shopping in brick and mortar stores. This is because the customer does not know precisely how an item will fit or what it will look like when it arrives. Without a generous return policy, e-commerce retailers risk losing customers who are worried they’ll be stuck with a product they don’t love. Outline your return policies thoroughly on your website. Users who can’t find information on returns may give up the purchase process altogether. You will have gone to all the trouble of setting up your website for nothing.

4x Buyer Protection

One of the easiest ways to solve customer concerns before and after the sale is by offering your visitors 4x Buyer Protection. 4x gives online visitors peace of mind. It lets them know that you have their back – that you care about their buying experience. 4x is a win-win product. It solves shipping, price match, and identity theft issues for your customers. It also increases your sales significantly – even without increasing your traffic! But your traffic will increase because happy customers tell their friends and families about positive experiences.

Your online visitors should feel confident when they go to the check-out page. 4x Buyer Protection makes that possible.

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Millennials Want Online Businesses to Provide Live Chat

A new study shows that millennials prefer live chat over phone and email interactions.


According to a report discussed by, 28.9% of consumers prefer to interact with retailers through online chat (25.85%) or messaging apps (3.1%) while deciding on whether or not to make a purchase. This is driven primarily because most millennial shoppers have embraced new technology such as chatbots and messaging apps.

Together, these chat tools are now more popular than phone conversations (28.7%) and email (27%) as the preferred method of interaction. Many online consumers look for the live chat option when they visit a website.

The survey is based on more than 1,000 consumers. It highlights the important role that millennials are playing in this shift. Among consumers who are 18 to 34 years-old, more than a third (37%) of respondents chose live chat as their favorite way to contact companies. Less than a quarter of the same demographic ranked phone or email as their top choice. More and more new internet users don’t want to pick up their phone. They don’t want to spend time emailing companies back-and-forth either.

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Care More about Your Customers!

Whether you are a solid, mature business or one that is just getting started, don’t join the following group of companies that could care less about their customers.

The biggest offenders are those who hold a monopoly in any one market. They don’t have to worry about people going somewhere else. If we don’t like how they treat us there is nowhere else to go.  Say, for example, that you only had one choice for cable installation. More than likely, you were forced to put up with missed appointment windows.

It’s confounding, but it should not be surprising, according to Chiranjeev Kohli, a Cal State Fullerton marketing professor who told The Motley Fool via email that in the end, it all comes down to money and the fact that bad customer service does not always have the negative impact you would expect.


“Companies look at their bottom line. As margins get squeezed, customer service comes on the radar as a possible line item that can be cut. And, since it can be quite expensive, it is a tempting target,” he wrote. “Also, while the general impression may be that customer service is critical, evidence often suggests otherwise – particularly for a segment of the consumers.”

The second biggest offenders are those that know that switching from one company to its competitor is a royal pain in the butt. These customers feel stuck and hate thinking about staying and leaving. Darned if they do, darned if they don’t. It’s not a very enjoyable circumstance. It’s 2016 people! We’re better than that!

Of course, 4x Buyer Protection gives business owners the ability to provide four valuable, much-appreciated services to their potential and current customers. This one service alone can put a mediocre company at the top of the success pyramid. Benefits like shipping insurance and identity theft protection are sought after more and more by wise, competent online consumers.

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