How to Recover from Business Setbacks

Facing setbacks, whether it’s not hitting projected growth, inventory markups, or it’s losing a key employee, are part of the risks of doing business.


While most companies may only highlight their successes to the public, it’s important to understand that every business has its own group of challenges. The key is to recognize the issues and then take the necessary actions to move forward.

Let’s explore how your team can bounce back from a growth setback. I have included here only the titles of the ways to recover. To get all the details, you need to read the full article.

Reassess Your Business Strategy

Deliver Customer Value

Differentiate Your Product

Hire Employees With Diverse Skill Sets

Continue to Seek Growth Opportunities

Aim to Recover

Challenges are inevitable in business. It’s vital to understand how to handle setbacks when they occur. Reevaluate your strategy to ensure it fits your desired outcomes. Deliver unmatched customer value that competitors can’t duplicate. And continue to seek partnership opportunities that will benefit your brand.

Push through setbacks. Work to grow your business.

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Care More about Your Customers!

Whether you are a solid, mature business or one that is just getting started, don’t join the following group of companies that could care less about their customers.

The biggest offenders are those who hold a monopoly in any one market. They don’t have to worry about people going somewhere else. If we don’t like how they treat us there is nowhere else to go.  Say, for example, that you only had one choice for cable installation. More than likely, you were forced to put up with missed appointment windows.

It’s confounding, but it should not be surprising, according to Chiranjeev Kohli, a Cal State Fullerton marketing professor who told The Motley Fool via email that in the end, it all comes down to money and the fact that bad customer service does not always have the negative impact you would expect.


“Companies look at their bottom line. As margins get squeezed, customer service comes on the radar as a possible line item that can be cut. And, since it can be quite expensive, it is a tempting target,” he wrote. “Also, while the general impression may be that customer service is critical, evidence often suggests otherwise – particularly for a segment of the consumers.”

The second biggest offenders are those that know that switching from one company to its competitor is a royal pain in the butt. These customers feel stuck and hate thinking about staying and leaving. Darned if they do, darned if they don’t. It’s not a very enjoyable circumstance. It’s 2016 people! We’re better than that!

Of course, 4x Buyer Protection gives business owners the ability to provide four valuable, much-appreciated services to their potential and current customers. This one service alone can put a mediocre company at the top of the success pyramid. Benefits like shipping insurance and identity theft protection are sought after more and more by wise, competent online consumers.

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If you would like more information about providing four amazing services to your customers, with little out-of-pocket costs, contact 4x Buyer Protection today!

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Answer These 5 E-Commerce Questions!

20150724180216-woman-writing-a-blogHave you taken a good look at your e-commerce business lately? If you’re not getting the sales that you think you should get, take a quick glance at these five questions to see if you can improve in even one area of your online business to make more money.

Are You Using an Abandoned Cart Strategy?

Are You Paying Too Much?

Where Can You Add New Sales Options?

What’s Your Checkout Process Like?

Can You Add an Up-sell Option?


Maybe you’d rather spend your time focused on creating new products or connecting with customers than running through this questionnaire to improve your e-commerce processes. That’s fine. Just remember that everything in your business is connected.

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Need to secure your site from hackers: Trust Guard can help!

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Consumers Are Tired of Online Security Warnings

According to a study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), online security threats are  still an issue.

Security fatigue, or simply being tired of online security warnings has made some people feel indifferent towards potential risks.

security-threatThe paper found that people feel “overwhelmed” with having to be on constant alert from cyber attacks. They are also negatively affected by the proliferation of online security measures available to protect themselves. As a result, many ignore the warning signs of a possible attack. As one individual remarked: “I get tired of remembering my username and passwords.”

Mary Theofanos, co-author of the study and computer scientist at NIST, said:
“Years ago, you had one password to keep up with at work. Now people are being asked to remember 25 or 30. We haven’t really thought about cyber security expanding and what it has done to people.” However, sites like LastPass can help us keep track of our passwords.

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How Social Media Can Boost Your Customer Support Efforts

If you use social media well, it can boost sales, promote your brand, and build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

If it isn’t done well, the opposite could be true: sales will lag, few will be aware of your brand, and you will have little if any customer loyalty.

Here are some tips to improve customer relations using social media platforms:

  • Make sure that the people serving your customers through social mediums know your product well.

  • Make interactions more personal and more meaningful.
  • Make the customer support team a bigger part of your organization.
  • Use social media to change a negative review to a positive one.


Read the full article here with insight about each bullet point!

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Improve Your Online Customer Service

If you own an online business, you have to be able to take care of online customer service issues quicker than someone with a million Facebook friends can tell them that you haven’t.

Software programs like Rhino Support can put you in constant contact with your customers. They offer live chat and helpdesk software for small to medium sized businesses.

cultivate-customer-complaintsDo your best to keep track of your customers’ activities across various platforms. For example, if a customer calls you regarding a problem and your customer service team is able to quote a tweet or a post the customer made, it would have a lasting impression on them.

If it’s a public tweet or post, it could also sway their friends to utilize your products and services too. Birds of a feather do flock together. If one bird sees another bird receiving immediate positive feedback, it’s as good as a personal referral – maybe even better!

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Where Does Your Online Traffic Come From?

If you’re an online e-commerce business owner, you need to understand how to get online traffic. The four sources of online traffic are Direct, Organic, Non-Organic, and Paid.


Of course, the more traffic you can get to your site through direct, organic and non-organic leads, the better – unless your costs for bringing paid traffic is less than the costs (time, effort and research) than the other types of traffic. Get educated about how to bring in the best traffic (people who are really interested in your brand and/or products), and then do your best to monitor which type of traffic you are getting.

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Department of Commerce Releases Cyber Security Framework

The Department of Commerce Provides Website Owners with High-Level Security Guidelines


Each function maps to key categories of desired outcomes (e.g., “Asset Management,” “Access Control”). Each category then expands to a series of more specific outcomes and technical/management activities. These are then tied to dozens of “informative references,” such as ISO/IEC, ISA, and COBIT, which are well-established implementation standards. The Framework doesn’t include specific practices or requirements. Instead, it’s meant to facilitate an iterative process that involves “detecting risks and constantly adjusting one’s security program and defenses.”

Companies that utilize the NIST Cyber Security Framework must comply with other respected entities and their related rules such as the FTC and the Payment Card Industry. Those that accept or process or provide technology in relation to payment card data must comply with specified Payment Card Industry (PCI) rules, including specific data security standards (PCI DSS) and implementation protocols.

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How to Write Blogs Professionally

Writing Blogs is much different than writing college essays.

People browsing online usually don’t have the time that professors have to review your findings.

I am a proud father of six wonderful children. Three kids are currently attending the local university.

They are constantly asking me to review their essays – something I love to do. Writing blogs is something I’ve done a lot of over the last ten years – averaging about 2 a day. Now you know that I’m speaking from experience.

Let’s discuss a few tools that will help your e-commerce company write SEO-healthy blog posts. This isn’t an all-inclusive list, but it will help get you started.

~Don’t always force your brand.products down their throats.
~Add a video or image
~Keep sentences and paragraphs short
~One keyword every 50 words (on average)
~Your title should enlist a response
~Give your readers a call to action

Read the full article (with content about each area) here:

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Consumer Protector 4x Introduces TrueIdentity as Partner


What are you doing to protect the true identity of your online visitors?

TrueIdentity™ allows you to feel more protected than ever by:

~ Lowering your risk of identity theft by proactively monitoring places on the Internet where criminal selling and trading of your personal information may occur

~ Helping you recover more effectively from Identity Theft with our exclusive Identity Restoration

~ Providing Lost Wallet Assistance if credit or other identification cards are lost or stolen.

4x-partner-true-identitySo benefit from the peace of mind provided by 4x Buyer Protection and TrueIdentity™ from TransUnion today. It’ll be one less thing to worry about.

Read the full article here:

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