While nearly every rate for every service is going up, there are plenty of ways to help you mitigate the impact on your shipping costs. In fact, in one study, almost half of the participants had opportunities to actually reduce shipping costs by simply re-evaluating their carrier and service selection process.


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You may find opportunities to reduce the impact of the changes in shipping costs in the following areas:


Now is definitely the time of year to re-evaluate—and potentially re-negotiate—your carrier relationships.

Customers care more about getting their packages on time and intact—metrics on which all three carriers perform relatively evenly – then which carrier is used. If cost is the only differentiator, other issues being equal, the winner is usually…

Delivery Timeframes

While some of your packages may take three days to arrive via Priority Mail, a similar number will probably arrive overnight. The USPS mapping tool makes it easy to estimate the delivery time. Given that Priority Mail rates are typically 50-75% lower than Fedex and UPS second-day service rates, it’s worth considering the USPS option. If you decide to switch, update your website to show the 2-3 day delivery change. While you’re at it, this is the perfect time to add 4x Buyer Protection services for your online visitors. Besides price matching and identity theft protection, 4x also provides shipping insurance.

As an added bonus, USPS will deliver free…


An often overlooked opportunity to lower shipping costs lies in optimizing packaging.


Priority Mail Regional Rate boxes come in four styles and sizes and allow shipment of contents up to 15 pounds (Box A). You can also choose box B (20 pounds) for a rate that varies only according to destination zone. This often has lower shipping costs than the same rate for a similar custom-boxed package.

In one study, it was found that packaging selection played a role in the cost savings for almost two-thirds of the potential 2017 shipments. In one case, switching to a flat-rate box would save the company shipping the product more than…

There are significant changes in 2017 regarding shipping costs. Optimizing shipping operations is more important than ever. Carriers have been forthcoming with information, but…

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Your Customers Should Love How You Solve Problems

People are looking to buy things easily and resolve issues even more easily. Here are some tips about giving online visitors the chance to buy and receive your products effortlessly.


Shipping Clarity

Free shipping is the best shipping policy, but if offering free shipping is not an option, it’s critical to at least make shipping policies known to your customers before they reach the checkout process. No one wants to be surprised by a last-minute, unexpected shipping charge. It’s a good idea to highlight your shipping policies prominently on your website. This way, users understand the process before they reach the checkout page. Providing shipping insurance for customers is one way to go above and beyond for them.

Returns + Refunds

When shopping online, the need for a generous return policy is even greater than when shopping in brick and mortar stores. This is because the customer does not know precisely how an item will fit or what it will look like when it arrives. Without a generous return policy, e-commerce retailers risk losing customers who are worried they’ll be stuck with a product they don’t love. Outline your return policies thoroughly on your website. Users who can’t find information on returns may give up the purchase process altogether. You will have gone to all the trouble of setting up your website for nothing.

4x Buyer Protection

One of the easiest ways to solve customer concerns before and after the sale is by offering your visitors 4x Buyer Protection. 4x gives online visitors peace of mind. It lets them know that you have their back – that you care about their buying experience. 4x is a win-win product. It solves shipping, price match, and identity theft issues for your customers. It also increases your sales significantly – even without increasing your traffic! But your traffic will increase because happy customers tell their friends and families about positive experiences.

Your online visitors should feel confident when they go to the check-out page. 4x Buyer Protection makes that possible.

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Six Ways to Price Match!

Experienced online consumers understand that sites that match prices aren’t a surefire bet for the best deal.smart_shopper

But checking how much something costs at different locations to price match is still worth doing. So says Nanda Kumar, professor of marketing at the University of Texas at Dallas. After all, you won’t save any money by shopping at a store with such a policy if you don’t actually verify that the price they are offering is, indeed, the best price.

Here are some ways that online consumers can save money by price matching:
• Check various websites for price matching policies.

• Match comparable products.

• Download a price comparison app such as ShopSavvy or Scan for brick-and-mortar stores.

• Some retailers, including Target, will match their online prices in store, so check both before buying from one or the other.

• If you find your item for less post-purchase, ask for a price adjustment.

• Review the website for a Price Match guarantee image/seal.


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Six Ways Consumers Can Price Match

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Huge Corporations Price Match ~ You Can Too!


Small businesses can offer price matching just like the billion dollar companies offer it thanks to 4x Buyer Protection.

I just did a quick check on Google’s search engine. When I typed in the words ‘price matching,’ the front page was filled with results from Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon.

These are some of the biggest companies in the country. 4x Buyer Protection allows small businesses the opportunity to offer their potential customers the same thing that the ‘Big Boys’ offer.

After all, the truth is that not very many consumers actually use the service anyway – they just want reassurance before they buy that they could price match if they had the time.

Even though price matching works, less than 10 percent of consumers do it according to Sucharita Mulpuru, chief retail strategist for annual commerce industry convention Shoptalk.

She says that although price matching has grown during the last decade, many consumers are still unaware of it. Others don’t bother because it seems like a hassle. And some stores keep such a close eye on pricing that often matching isn’t necessary.

In any case, offering your online visitors a price match guarantee through 4x Buyer Protection gives you the clout usually afforded by huge corporations. Even though the offer may seldom be used, offering to price match competitors keeps consumers on your page and is sure to improve your conversion rate.

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Price Matching Used By Legitimate Businesses

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