Four Tips to Improve Relationships with Your Customers


Tip #1 ~ Use live chat 24 hours a day

Before your customers become customers, and forever thereafter, they need a way to contact you that is convenient and effective. Live chat is the perfect solution to almost every problem, question, and concern. The great thing about live chat is that it is live! There is no need to wait for someone to…

Tip #2 ~ Immediately offer new customers something valuable for free

Most of the time, you can figure out a way to get the customer what they want while getting what you want at the same time. Let’s take, for example, social media. Your customer has just signed up. You call her to thank her and answer any questions she might have. Then you say, I would like to promote you on Facebook/Google +/Twitter. Is there anything specific that you would like…

Tip #3 ~ Ask for Referrals

If you never ask, you’ll never get any referrals. But if you ask, you might be pleasantly surprised. Seven years ago I did a little experiment for Trust Guard, the leader in website security. For three weeks, all I did was call their new customers and make sure that they were able to get their sales-increasing trust seals uploaded onto their sites. Then I…

Tip #4 ~ Give Discounts for Add-ons & Upgrades

Once a customer becomes a customer, the goal is to get them to stay a customer for as long as possible. But that’s only a third of the goal. Next, we want them to be loyally ecstatic about being our customer – that way they will tell all their friends and family how awesome we are! Third, we want to…

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