Tips to Improve Your Email Security

You should definitely do what you can to secure your e-mail from casual snooping:


1. Use an account from a major provider like Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo. Do they get hacked? Yes. Are they safer than most? Yes.

2. Use a strong password and two-factor authentication enabled. If your phone uses a fingerprint reader, take advantage of that added convenience by locking your phone with a strong alphanumeric password. Target a 12- to 14-character minimum, since shorter passwords are more susceptible to brute force attacks – the longer and more random the better. Two-step authentication (or 2FA) means using a combination of multiple credentials to get into your account, usually a password and a six-digit code sent to your phone or generated by an authenticator app.
3. For truly sensitive communications that you want to keep private, use Signal or WhatsApp or even Facebook Messenger’s “Secret Conversations” feature.

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