Six Ways to Price Match!

Experienced online consumers understand that sites that match prices aren’t a surefire bet for the best deal.smart_shopper

But checking how much something costs at different locations to price match is still worth doing. So says Nanda Kumar, professor of marketing at the University of Texas at Dallas. After all, you won’t save any money by shopping at a store with such a policy if you don’t actually verify that the price they are offering is, indeed, the best price.

Here are some ways that online consumers can save money by price matching:
• Check various websites for price matching policies.

• Match comparable products.

• Download a price comparison app such as ShopSavvy or Scan for brick-and-mortar stores.

• Some retailers, including Target, will match their online prices in store, so check both before buying from one or the other.

• If you find your item for less post-purchase, ask for a price adjustment.

• Review the website for a Price Match guarantee image/seal.


To read the complete article, click on the following link:

Six Ways Consumers Can Price Match

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