Huge Corporations Price Match ~ You Can Too!


Small businesses can offer price matching just like the billion dollar companies offer it thanks to 4x Buyer Protection.

I just did a quick check on Google’s search engine. When I typed in the words ‘price matching,’ the front page was filled with results from Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon.

These are some of the biggest companies in the country. 4x Buyer Protection allows small businesses the opportunity to offer their potential customers the same thing that the ‘Big Boys’ offer.

After all, the truth is that not very many consumers actually use the service anyway – they just want reassurance before they buy that they could price match if they had the time.

Even though price matching works, less than 10 percent of consumers do it according to Sucharita Mulpuru, chief retail strategist for annual commerce industry convention Shoptalk.

She says that although price matching has grown during the last decade, many consumers are still unaware of it. Others don’t bother because it seems like a hassle. And some stores keep such a close eye on pricing that often matching isn’t necessary.

In any case, offering your online visitors a price match guarantee through 4x Buyer Protection gives you the clout usually afforded by huge corporations. Even though the offer may seldom be used, offering to price match competitors keeps consumers on your page and is sure to improve your conversion rate.

Read the full article here:

Price Matching Used By Legitimate Businesses

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To offer Price Matching to your online visitors, as well as other cool benefits like Shipping Protection, visit 4x Buyer Protection today!4x_logo


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