Customer Service Lessons for Business Owners

Some companies thrive, oddly enough, even though they provide horrible customer service. Just think how much more successful they could be with quality, caring customer support systems.

I just hung up on a customer service / sales rep from Life Alert for my elderly parents. They have no pricing on their website. That was frustrating. But what was more aggravating was the fact that the agent on the phone wouldn’t give me the price for the system until, as he put it, I understood everything about the product and service. I had already listened to a good five minutes of him telling me how awesome his company is – how many awards they’ve won and how they rank first in every conceivable area. I had already learned stuff on my own about the company and its products online.

But he wouldn’t give me the price. That’s why I hung up. He must have had caller ID because a few minutes later he called me back and said that now he could give me the price. When did these big companies forget about the personalized customer service that made them successful in the first place? Why do companies that frustrate us  seem to far outnumber those that delight us? Here are some tips to help keep your customers happy.

~ Don’t focus so much on gaining new customers that you forget about your current customers.

~ Try to keep your employees happy by paying them what they’re worth.

~ Make it easy and painless for customers to contact you – but give them as much information as possible online so that most of them won’t have to.

~ Rather than attempting to silence your upset customers, embrace negative feedback as a chance to improve.

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