Hackers Could Destroy Your Good Reputation

If you’re not careful, hackers will steal your customer’s money, personal information and their loyalty to you and your business.

There have been a great many cyber crimes involving the purposeful destruction of personal and corporate reputations. These include cases of hackers gaining access to websites and social media accounts and changing messages or posting as the individual or company.


Attacks like these can be very damaging if not caught quickly. You can help avoid the destruction of your reputation by:

  • Monitoring all accounts frequently. This way, messages posted by someone who is unauthorized will be caught quickly.
  • Changing passwords often, and asking clients to do the same.
  • Regaining control of accounts as soon as possible when there has been a breach in security.
  • Mitigating damage with consumers by employing goodwill efforts for any issues that the hack may have caused. Then make sure you honestly address the issue immediately.


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