Does It Hurt Consumers to Offer to Match Prices?

5986In an article by the Harvard Business Review (found here), Rafi Mohammed explains three reasons why businesses that offer to match the prices of their competitors might not be in the best interest of the online consumer.

Rafi’s first point is valid. We all know that if competition is low, then prices are relatively high. But the quest for the sale – and subsequent fear of losing it – make this point fairly mute in all but highly unique, niche markets. As far as providing a false sense of security or penalizing inattentive shoppers, well that will happen with any marketing strategy. Whether you offer to match prices, product quality, or shipping costs, if consumers don’t read the fine print, open up privacy policies and terms of service agreements, and review online certificates and reviews from third-parties and past customers, they’re probably not going to get the best deal possible.

Read my full article here:

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