Hackers Are Able to Access Millions of Smart Phones!

Computer security firm Check Point and its mobile threat research team revealed details of what it says are a set of “four vulnerabilities affecting 900 million Android smartphones and tablets that use Qualcomm® chipsets.” They call the set of vulnerabilities QuadRooter.

This type of extensive security problem shows how vulnerable our mobile devices are to security threats from hackers. All it takes it to download the wrong app and, often without even realizing it, our personally identifiable information will have been hacked. If you are using one of the above devices, we suggest you go to your phone distributor or carrier to get the patch to fix the security hole as soon as possible.

QuadRooter vulnerabilities are found in software drivers that ship with Qualcomm chipsets. The drivers, which control communication between chipset components, become incorporated into the Android “builds” that manufacturers develop for their devices. Check Point says that since the vulnerable drivers are pre-installed on devices at the point of manufacture, they can only be fixed by installing a patch from the distributor or carrier. Distributors and carriers issuing patches can only do so after receiving fixed driver packs from Qualcomm.

Some of the latest and most popular Android devices found on the market today use these Qualcomm chipsets, including:

DEF CON Has Had Security-Focused Gatherings Every Year Since 1993.


BlackBerry Priv
Blackphone 1 and Blackphone 2
Google Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P
HTC One, HTC M9 and HTC 10
LG G4, LG G5, and LG V10
New Moto X by Motorola
OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus 3
Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung S7 Edge
Sony Xperia Z Ultra

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Does It Hurt Consumers to Offer to Match Prices?

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Rafi’s first point is valid. We all know that if competition is low, then prices are relatively high. But the quest for the sale – and subsequent fear of losing it – make this point fairly mute in all but highly unique, niche markets. As far as providing a false sense of security or penalizing inattentive shoppers, well that will happen with any marketing strategy. Whether you offer to match prices, product quality, or shipping costs, if consumers don’t read the fine print, open up privacy policies and terms of service agreements, and review online certificates and reviews from third-parties and past customers, they’re probably not going to get the best deal possible.

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Three Cool Sites for Free Images!

Everyone knows about Google Images, Pinterest, and Instagram. This post focuses on three not-so-well-known online sources that offer millions of images – giving you the freedom to brighten up your website, blog, and social posts. You can also use them use as background images or download and print them for offline personal or business-related reasons. Here are the three sites:




I used Canva to create this cool image to promote my children’s book. Check it out!

It seems like just when things start going our way, someone or something sneaks up behind us and tries to ruin everything. 1

If you want to catch the attention of the every-day consumer or browser, you need quality, relevant images. So get to work adding images with your own logos and memes to your website, blog, and social posts. It’s easy and, in most cases, it’s free.

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