Could Increasing Your Conversion Rate Make You an Extra $300 Million a Year?


Your conversion rate isn’t the greatest. You try, you test, but still you fail to get over 1-2% of your visitors to buy from you.

But are there things you could do, like changing a form, for example, that could significantly increase your rate of conversions? Jared Spool is an internet marketing specialist that has been highly involved in this arena since 1988.

He has successfully increased the conversion rates of several entities. Once he made some minor changes on a form and increased sales by 45%, resulting in the company earning more than $300,000,000 that year. To learn more about how he did it, click on the following link:

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Need More Customers? Give Your Visitors Peace of Mind!

637-lgIt’s really just that easy. People who trust you are more likely to buy from you.
When online consumers feel confident on your website, when they believe that you have their best interest at heart, they will hang around, and eventually, more of them will do what you want them to do.

Getting a free privacy policy from is the first step.

Showing off your privacy policy with a Privacy Safe Seal from Trust Guard is the second.

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Are You Vulnerable to Hackers? Get a Free Scan!

robber_hackerAlmost everyone with a website qualifies for a free vulnerability scan from Free PCI Scanning! The scan usually retails for $47 and is perfect for business owners wanting to know how likely they are to get hacked or if they might become a victim of identity theft.

Although the free scan comes with a detailed report, it does not come with a conversion seal – proven to increase sales and conversion rates. To get a conversion seal displayed on your website, e-commerce professionals should contact Trust Guard, the leader in website security and verification.

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