Keeping Hackers Away!

Trust Guard, the leader in website security and verification, scans websites and servers for over 75,000 vulnerabilities used by hackers to really mess things up for business owners. When they run their first scan on a company, over 85% of those scans fail – meaning that they were previously left wide open if hackers would have wanted to access their sites.
75K Vulnerability Image

Is your site safe from hackers? Keep them away by getting your site scanned for vulnerabilities. If any are found, fix them as soon as possible. Then keep your site safe by continuing to run periodic scans to keep hackers away for good!

Click on this link for a free, no-obligation security scan!



How many websites are accessible to hackers before receiving their first PCI compliant security scan?


One thought on “Keeping Hackers Away!

  1. App User (@AppUserMag)

    Businesses are increasingly accepting the fact that they cannot hope to prevent all cyber attacks. The difficulty in preventing attacks is not outmatched by the difficulty in identifying and effectively mitigating them. Given the types of vulnerabilities utilized by attackers and their methods, many attacks and intrusions are not immediately discovered – some are recognized only months and in some cases years later. The emphasis needs to be on streamlining mechanisms for early detection, response and recovery, to mitigate and better manage the consequences – limiting the damage, and ensuring business continuity. ~ World Economic Forum
    Hackers aren’t going away because finding them is difficult and how to punish them for their illegal acts is still up in the air in most countries. Best keep as safe as possible with Trust Guard, the leader in website security.

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